NEWS > August 2, 2019


Jamie Durie stops by Studio 10 to talk all things Australia by Design

Jamie Durie is more than happy to be promoting his new show Australia by Design. The host sat down with the panel from Studio Ten to discuss this fantastic opportunity and his delight in being a part of an iconic design series.

 ‘It’s so exciting! We get to do Innovation, which is all sorts of Industrial Design products from all over Australia, we’re doing Interiors, Architecture and Landscapes.”

With respects to the Architecture series, Durie said, “I get to go to these incredible places, the most beautiful houses in Australia. These really are the best of the best architectural designs.”

 “It’s packed full of ideas, we get to meet amazing architects, beautiful designers who are doing extraordinary things. I’m just having so much fun on the show. I don’t have to build anything!”

 Richard Reeves was keen to ask Jamie about the big trends in design and architecture. “It’s about breaking down all the boundaries and it’s pulling everything that’s inside the house that’s been taken for granted for so many years out into the outdoors. We’ve got this indoor-outdoor environment. That’s the way our houses are being built now. There’s no threshold anymore. It’s about bringing the garden into the home and the home into the garden.”

 Sarah Harris was quick to point out that Durie had forecast this trend years ago! The panel were all in agreement, including Durie!

 Denise Drysdale mentioned that to kick off the series Durie travelled to beautiful Tasmania. “I did a story on the beautiful Freycinet Lodge…I got to meet the architects, the designers, the interiors designers, everyone was so talented. I don’t think I’ve seen design at this level anywhere in Australia!”


 Sarah Harris then announced that someone in the studio audience was about to win a trip to stay at Freycinet Lodge.

 “Thanks to Jetstar and Launceston Airport, you and your plus one will fly out in style and spend the night in the breathtaking Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania with dinner and breakfast thrown in. And no doubt you’ll want to check out the area, Overdrive Sports and Luxury car hire in Tassie has contributed car hire to the value of $500!”

 Audience members were quick to check under their seats in search of a Tasmanian Devil! Carol Woods finding herself the lucky winner. Speaking to Carol after the show, Carol was thrilled by her unexpected win. “I’ve been coming to the show for years. I never win anything. I can’t believe it was today!”

 Jamie Durie hosts Australia by Design, Sunday from 3pm on Channel 10.


NEWS > July 29, 2019


Jamie Durie to host Australia’s favourite design series – Channel 10’s ‘Australia by Design’

There’s more to Jamie Durie, OAM, than meets the eye. A multi-talented person with a multifaceted career, Jamie is on a mission to share his passion for design and do what MasterChef has done for cooking – bring design excellence into the public domain and showcase Australia’s extraordinary talent.

As the new host of Channel 10’s, Australia by Design series, Jamie is clearly in his comfort zone.

 After years of working on several design projects in the US, Asia and Australia, Durie jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Australia by Design.

“I’ve been an admirer of the show since the first series. It gives viewers such a unique perspective of the design process, it’s part entertainment, part education. There’s no other program that takes you behind the scenes in that way.” 

Australia by Design’s executive producer, Mike Chapman is thrilled to have Durie onboard “It’s the perfect combination, Jamie has such broad appeal and his design experience is second to none. Many wouldn’t be aware of this, but he is one of Australia’s most awarded designers.”

Australia by Design explores the best of Australian Architecture, Interior Design, Landscapes & Gardens and Innovations. Chapman continues, “Since we began our audience has grown exponentially and not just from the design community.”

“It’s important to celebrate our design and innovation heroes just as much as we do our sporting (and cooking) ones. The success of this program is testament to that.”

WATCH – Australia by Design: Architecture
Sunday 4 August at 3.00pm on 10 and WIN Network