Awarded the Australian Good Design Award 2020, GOHARD/SOFT 3DFINS series is the world’s only high-performance fin with safety in mind.

40% of all surfboard related injuries are caused by surf fins and 3DFINS has pioneered to design a durable, safe fin that meets the needs of all levels of surfers from beginners to advanced.

A Safer Fin (Surfboard/Lifesaving craft) designed to meet the needs of all levels of surfers Beginners to advanced. To create a fin that had to perform at an advanced level while being safe and reducing the chance of injury.

Surfboard fins currently on the market are Beginner fins made from a rubbery material and regular fins made from Hard Plastics or Fibreglass.. The beginners fins are a safer option but don’t perform very well. The regular/high performance fins are a hard Plastic or fibreglass construction, perform at very high levels but can cause serious injuries. The idea was to make a high performance fin that was safer to bridge this gap. The design concept was to have a stiff inner Fin core with a soft skin covering to protect the surfer/paddler/swimmer from any contact with the fins.

• Stiff inner core that creates high-performance flex
• Soft outer skin that reduces the chances of cuts and injuries
• Precision engineered foils that allows high performance at professional level
• Coated with world renown patented 3DFIN Dimple Technology that reduces drag, improves foil performance and enables extra bursts of speed down the line
• Features luminescent neon colours which are easily visible
• UV protected

The GOHARD/SOFT series have been tested in all kinds of surfing conditions. From your average beach breaks to the long walls of a point break, these fins have gone through meticulous R&D to ensure to make you ride waves with “MORE SPEED, MORE DRIVE”

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