86 400 Australia’s First Smartbank

886 400 Australia’s First Smartbank

86 400 is Australia’s first smartbank, built for smartphones. A bank which tells customers what’s actually going on with their money, so they feel in control every second of every day. All eighty-six four hundred of them.

86 400 was launched in September 2019 and centred around a singular purpose, to help every Australian take control of their money. Beginning with a transaction and savings accounts, 86 400 then launched home loans via the mortgage broker channel in November 2019.

86 400 is the smart way to help Australians Pay, Save and Own. It is the only digital bank that allows customers to connect accounts from other financial institutions, giving them greater visibility of their financial picture. Using smart technology, the app displays users’ most relevant information about spending, saving and upcoming bills, so customers can plan forward, as well as look backwards.

Australians can open an 86 400 account in just 120 seconds, giving them great rates, no monthly fees, plus instant access to Apple Pay and Google PayTM and all the features you’d expect from a bank including BPay and scheduled payments.

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