Airwave Inflatable Surf Reef


Convention artificial surf reefs have just not worked. In the past, artificial surf reefs have been constructed out of vast amounts of heavy materials such as tyres, concrete blocks and sand bags. Once installed, these materials could not be easily removed. This meant that if these types of artificial surf reef were placed incorrectly the wave making efficacy of the reef could not be improved without major costs. Additionally, any long-term environmental impacts could not be reversed. These reef types typically take many months to years to install and carry extremely high costs. All of these factors have contributed to the lack of acceptance worldwide for conventional artificial surf reefs.
Airwave surf reef bladders are constructed form an inert, strong rubber compound and are currently 13 metres in diameter at the base and reach a maximum height of 2 metres. Airwave inflatable surf reefs are designed to have minimal environmental impact and to be cost a fraction of convention artificial surf reef installations. Airwaves can even be moved to a better site if the location proves not to be the best choice. They can also be swiftly removed if any negative environmental effects occur. The reef installs in a matter of days, allowing for an extremely cost-effective installation, within optimum weather periods.
The AIRWAVE surf reef’s ability to be installed in multiple locations along one stretch of beach, enables the creation of multiple wave peaks, in a relatively short distance of beach, compared to the older type artificial surf reefs that produce merely one wave peak, and affects a large portion of the marine / sand environment.
Councils/ Burroughs that have high quality, safe surfable waves in their area, will have an increased number of visitors both from the local and surrounding areas, as well as increased tourist traffic. This is a fact easily proved when analysing the phenomenally rapid growth of surf towns around the world.
The economic growth potential, especially in coastal areas with multiple AIRWAVE artificial reefs, would be substantial. Higher recreational beach usage relates directly to economic growth in coastal areas. An added advantage is the ability of an inflatable air type surf reef to bring people to beach areas in the winter months.
Socially, the addition of recreational infrastructure for kids of all ages, to use at beaches has a range of health and wellbeing benefits.
The recent increase in shark activity worldwide has necessitated the need for surfing facilities away from shark prone areas. The air type artificial surf reef is perfect for this type of use.
The limiting of costly inshore sand erosion could also be a benefit of these air type artificial reefs which can be monitored during the initial testing.

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