Armourline Polymer Door Frames

Armourline Polymer Door Frames

Armourline is an Australian manufacturer of polymer door frames and doors that are specifically designed for use in hospitals, aged care and food production facilities.
These industries share two huge problems, they all endure very high maintenance costs and they all battle with controlling the spread of bacteria or infection.

if corona virus has taught us anything, it’s that things will not go back to the way they were.
We need to do everything we can to safeguard against infection and to bring down the cost of health care and aged care with every decision we make.

The inventor behind Armourline is a Steve Gallehawk, a building contractor who, for many years worked to maintain facilities. Believing there was a better way than endless maintenance, he focussed on doors and door frames, some of the most commonly damaged and most transmittable items of any hospital, and ambitiously went to work to solve both the problems at hand. What if the surfaces didn’t get damage, never needed painting and were hygienic?? What if, the product could be built to order, quickly and cheaply?? What if it could be any size, any colour, any shape?? What if a facility could save tens of millions every year??

In the early days there were more problems ahead than solutions. With help from an unlikely group of old tradies, retired school teachers and friends with robots, the problems slowly gave way to solutions.

The outcome was not only a product that won a 2020 Aust Design Award, but a range of products that solved even more problems than were ever thought of. A building company became a manufacturer, embracing software design and robotics as the new as the new normal for manufacturing.

There are lots of products with big claims of savings. Armourline challenges you to visit their website, use the on-line calculator to see for yourself how much money our products can save you.

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