CMLP Composting Toilet

Clivus Multrum Low Profile (CM LP) Waterless Composting Toilet

The Clivus Multrum Low Profile (CM LP) is a split system waterless toilet specifically designed for low underfloor clearance such as Tiny homes. A world first in its innovative design includes an in built compost mixer, increasing volume and efficiency. The CM LP has closed the gap in the market for a split system composting unit that can be installed under dwellings having a limited height and space and be maintainable by users with relative ease. It is an off-grid system with a wide range of applications ranging from domestic installations to commercial tourism operations.

From an environmental perspective composting toilets use an aerobic process to convert human waste to usable safe compost material. As well as requiring no water or power and only the addition of any readily available bulking agent. The end result is a nutrient rich resource that can be re-used on gardens. Where water is scarce commodity, this is a solution that will save up to a swimming pool of water every year.

Some of our new design features on the CM LP include detachable wheels for better mobility. The latest generation compost mixer with easy rotating crank handle will accelerate the composting process and increase the usable space to extend the chamber changeover requirement.

The UV Stabilised LDPE material chamber comes with double-wall construction, designed to minimize the temperature fluctuations, especially during the seasonal changes, and to optimise the composting process.The chambers have been packaged with our premium porcelain pedestal which has an elegant modern design suitable for Tiny Homes designed for high end accommodation.

Designed by our in-house engineers using high quality materials, the CM LP is built to last and comes with a 10-year warranty. It has been tested and certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards 1546.2 for waterless composting toilets.

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