Espresso Display

Espresso Displays

Espresso and our flagship product, the espresso Display, was born out of the need to be able to do our best work anywhere.

We recognise that you are not always equipped with the tools you need to be productive, but the need to be productive can strike at any given moment. This means our products have a responsibility to our users – to help them do their best work from anywhere.

Sitting at a table hovered over their laptops whilst trying to complete an assignment at uni, Will & Scott faced a problem, they couldn’t be productive and remain collaborative at the same time. They needed the benefit that an extra bulky monitor gives you – more screen real estate.

Starting off as customers looking for a solution, they couldn’t find a product or company that created products for on-the-go workers. After realising that they weren’t the only ones facing the same challenge, and as believers in remote work and great product design, the two assembled a team of people that shared the mission of creating great products that helped accelerate the world’s transition to remote work.

The espresso Display is the world’s thinnest portable monitor that connects to your laptop with one cable, converting your laptop into a portable workspace. It is designed to seamlessly transition between home and office, with magnetic mounting functionality that means you can snap the display in portrait or landscape orientation at an angle that suits the way our customers work, whether they are designers, engineers, managers, analysts, or gamers. With huge device compatibility, you can use the display to get more out of your Mac, PC, compatible mobile phone, and gaming device.