KWIKfit Soft Closer

KWIKFIT Soft Closer

The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is a ground-breaking new product which enables a sliding screen door to latch approximately 80mm away from a closed position, bringing the door softly and slowly to a complete close. The reduction in closing force leads to a soft, silent motion, through limiting the noise coming from a door slamming closed. Furthermore, the slow movement reduces the probability of fingers or other extremities getting caught in the door, minimising risk of injury. The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer also reduces the probability of damaging the doors locking hardware, leaving the security door in top condition for a longer life span.

The sleek and non-intrusive design fits seamlessly within the frame of the door, giving the door a premium feel for the user, with a balance of style, comfort, and performance.

The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer needed to have minimal resistance when opening, proving that it is both novel and functional. This product brings the elegance of soft closing drawer type system to the security door industry, providing a creature comfort add on for any household. Ideal for doors weighing up to 25kg, it is suited to any system making it the perfect option for new doors and retrofitting existing doors. The product has been standardised for the wider market, with a generic sized unit being provided resulting in the perfect fit to most door systems.