MultiPro Farm Management System

MultiPro – Farm Management System

Remote Irrigation Made Easy.

Today’s farmers face more variabilities outside of their control, with every season a race to produce higher yields and use less water and energy in the process. They’re facing challenges like weather variability, increasing energy costs, limited availability of skilled labour and market volatility. Remote Irrigation can help.
The FMS automated irrigation system helps you take matters into your own hands and tackle those challenges by optimising the efficiency of your irrigation system.
FMS is a sensor based automated irrigation system that provides real-time visibility into the operating status of motors, pumps, valves, flow rate and other parameters of your irrigation system. The intelligent automated irrigation system empowers farmers to monitor and control different aspects of the irrigation system from the convenience of a smartphone or laptop.
Inputs and costs are reduced including water, time, labour, electricity and fertilisers, whilst ensuring the optimal use of water and maximum benefit to the crop. It all adds up to increased yield and bigger profits.
FMS was born from the significant demand for a truly adaptable and user-friendly automated irrigation system, as each farm is unique in its watering needs and objectives.
The philosophy was simple. Design an automated irrigation system that is easy to install, easy to programme and can be adapted to any irrigation set up.
FMS is scalable, bidirectional and can work wirelessly up to 3km through heavy vegetation & 15km line of site from a single base station and it has the unique feature of controlling analog outputs.
We wanted to put the control of the farm in the farmers hand, so we made a user-friendly UI with easy to understand rules and scheduling.

Three years of extensive development and on-farm testing later, FMS was born and since its humble beginnings has rapidly become the management backbone of many farming operations.

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