Numerule: The ruler you can count on.

The Numerule is a multi-sensory, fun, modern maths teaching aid that supports younger primary aged children build their foundational mathematical skills. Its innovative tactile design allows children to manipulate numbers and learn simple mathematical processing, contemplate measurement and collect simple statistical data.

This new teaching resource incorporates the sensory elements of touch, sight and sound in a subtle, but focussed manner. As a concrete teaching aid, it is ideal for kinaesthetic learning. Young children see and feel the mathematical processes and concepts come to life as they are guided through an array of foundational numerical processes associated with the Australian Maths Curriculum.

In the area of Number and Algebra children can physically manipulate the numbers on the Numerule to solve simple basic number facts with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They can also manipulate and discuss all types of number patterns through directed and nondirected interaction.

In the area of Measurement and Geometry children can physically manipulate the Numerule to become aware of the concept of length and the units we use to contemplate distance. The Numerule can also help explore shapes (polygons) and their construction.

In the area of Statistics and Probability children can physically manipulate the Numerule to systematically collect simple data information to be laid out in a physical graph format. It also allows students to work collaboratively to collect data and discuss their thoughts.

The physically interactive nature of the Numerule is also ideal for assisting many children with numerical learning difficulties gain a greater understanding of foundational mathematics. Feedback from parents and allied educational professionals has been extremely positive in relation to assistance in this area.

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