PLAY9 Studios Smart PLAY9 Range

PLAY9 Studios Smart PLAY9 Range

The Smart Play9 Range – Designed for Commercial spaces, such as Malls, Airports and Hospitals. Embedded with our Commercial Gaming platform.

The range can be combined in endless combinations to creating a Connected Play Space for any environment. Each product combines playful, premium design with embedded smarts – enabling the owner of the Play Space to tailor and review their own unique secure Dashboard.

Each product seamlessly integrates physical and digital play elements: a slide that reacts to movement and sound, a gaming Kidszone Unit – allowing kids to play in various ways – from Augmented Reality encouraging physical jumping to games inspiring creativity.

The Smart Play9 Range are powered by our custom Console: IM (Interactive Media platform), enabling the Connected playspace to change theme via simple scheduling: from Christmas to Underwater with the stroke of a keyboard. Including language changes – an interactive Bear that talks and reacts as children are playing; from English to Spanish!

In addition, the Connected Play Space records anonymous analytics, providing commercial spaces with key analytics regarding, most & least popular time of day, engagement levels, favourite games, so that the space can continuously feel alive, fresh and tailored to the likes of local families.

For the owner – The Smart Play9 Range allows for continuous growth within a portfolio: add products, add locations, add Play Spaces and tailor to local environment & culture – all controllable via your unique dashboard.

For Children and families – The space is fun and ever changing, creating the perfect balance of physical and digital play.

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