Pullman Battery Backpack Vacuum

Pullman Battery Backpack Vacuum

The Pullman PL950 Lithium Battery Backpack is engineered & designed specifically for commercial use and provides convenient cordless cleaning with all the performance of a corded vacuum.
Ideal for cleaning homes, offices and classrooms, the Pullman PL950 can get the job done quickly, quietly and easily.
In other well-known backpack vacuum cleaners, the battery packs are usually located at the rear of the vacuum, at a distance from the user wearing the backpack vacuum cleaner.
The battery position and design is original, unique and patented to Pullman. It’s easy to access without having to take the machine off.
The superior performance 43.2v Samsung 3000mAh lithium batteries provide up to 1 hour of runtime.

The Pullman PL950 meets Australian Safety Standards.
The charger is constructed to self-close to ensure the user does not come in contact with the pins in the charging terminal.
The pins are only exposed when a battery is inserted to charge.

The easy adjustable harness design features extra padding on the shoulders and is similar in design to a hiking backpack.
With a three-stage height adjustment, it ensures weight is correctly centred on your hips.
To reduce the transmission of vibration, the harness includes rubber vibration insulation pads that aid and inhibit vibration being transmitted from the vacuum cleaner to the wearer.

Additional features include a professional grade HEPA 13 exhaust filter, that ensures dirt and dust captured is contained inside the vacuum cleaner, while releasing 99.95% pure air back into your environment.
The Patented “Vortex” HEPA filter chamber removes the need for a filter cone, thus providing larger dust storage capacity.
A patented Gulper Advance floor tool. A world first multi-surface cleaning head with ball bearing wheels, glides across any surface. Dual power modes – Eco and Turbo modes and a patented blower port transforms your backpack into a powerful blower.

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