Gruntt Box

Gruntt Box

It happens all the time: you’re hard at work and it’s lunch time, but you need to find a microwave or walk to the nearest cafe to fill your grumbling tummy with hot food. Or it’s a hot summer’s day and you’re thirsty, but the ice has melted and your water bottle is now as hot as the sun. What you need is the Gruntt Box: A thermal, rechargeable lunchbox, that can re-heat at the press of a button! Featuring two compartments: one for hot items and one for cold items, this box is light and portable, yet big enough to hold a full day of meals and drinks! Perfect for at work, or whenever you’re on the go, day trips, picnics, beach days, and the list goes on!

Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker the GRUNTT BOX is perfect for playing out loud your latest jams whilst your hard at work or sharing a cold drink with friends! All you need to do is connect your phone to the built in speaker and off you go, there is also a compartment to store your phone safely. Is your phone running low on battery, don’t stress! Just plug it into either the USB or USBC charger port provided and you’ll have enough power to keep your phone going all day.

If you’re planning a night time trip, whether it be fishing, camping or even working in darkness with just a click the GRUNTT BOX has you covered, with one strong white led light to light up your night or a dimmer red led light used to conserve your night vision you’ll be ready for whatever the night has to throw at you. Also equipped are strong white led light strips built in both the hot and cold compartment activating automatically once either compartment is opened allowing you to see clearly what’s packed inside.

GRUNTT BOX is Australian design, only using the best high quality materials making this a hard nut to crack! the GRUNTT BOX is highly durable to damages in case you accidentally drop it out of your hands or it falls out of your ute. We have put this products through many thorough strength tests to assure our promised quality. This amazing invention comes in many different colours and it is UV resistant.

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